Number One Reception

I was fortunate enough to attend my first "#1 reception" at BMI yesterday... and I hope it is not my last. The event celebrated Montgomery Gentry's successful climb to the top of the country charts with "Somethin' to be Proud of," penned by Jeffrey Steele (BMI) and Chris Wallins (ASCAP).

The whole event was centered around celebrating the song and the writers. Noteables in the audeince (that I know of anyway) were Montgomerry Gentry (of course), Jeffrey Steele (of course), Chris Wallin (songwriter), Steve Markland (Windswept Pacific), David Preston (BMI) and John Grady (SonyBMG). And, to my surprise, several friends (who are just as notable but not necessarily well known) were there, too... Steve C, Cat Miller, Tommy Mac, Tom Hambridge, Karleen Watt, Randy Hauser, Ken Johnson, Lucy Angel, Randi Perkins... and more I'm just not remembering right now.

It was great to be there to support Jeff and hang with my peeps. I even got to meet Eddie Montgomery... he's really nice. (He makes me think of my older brother.) Kinda cool.

The whole event was an inspiring. I was surrounded by people who were living their dreams... yeah... I'm sure they have doubts and frustrations with the "business" just like anyone else... but the fact of the matter is that they don't settle. They are doing what they love. They are doing what they would do whether it made it to #1 or not. I really respect that... and it fuels my motivation to keep writing and to get more focused on my own musical path.

I've got work to do!
Stay tuned... you'll see way more from BB in 2006.


Denice said...

Very cool, girlfriend! How awesome you got to meet Eddie Montgomery, and got a photo of Troy, Eddie, and Jeffrey all together. (I'm kinda partial to Troy Gentry). Jeffrey wrote "Speed" for them didn't he? I like that song. Well, here's to more celebrity run-ins, and meet & greets for you!! Supa-star!

~ Denice

BBLogan said...

It was fun... and YES JS did co-write "Speed". However, I have to confess, I did not take this photo of the three... I robbed it off of the BMI site. Because I was trying to "be cool" I didn't take my camera with me. Wish I could download the pics from my brain though! Hee hee.