Monday musical makeover

My Monday night definitely made up for the ho-hum beginning of the day. Last night I went on a whirlwind music extravaganza.

First, Karleen and I met for supper at 3rd to catch Keith Anderson and the band. There we met up with our friend Warren Sellers (songwriter for 3 Ring Circus / Windswept).

Keith was supposed to go on at 8 but didn't start until after 9... which was a little annoying, but we had fun nonetheless. We only got to see three songs before we left to go to 12 & Porter for Anthony Smith's show. Which was phenomenal. Chris Wallin's wife (sorry... my brain is farting and I can't remember her first name right now... I think it might be Michelle) plays bass with Anthony and she was so in the pocket. She made me want to be a bass player!

Anthony's show ended at 10:30, so Warren asked Karleen and I if we wanted to write with him at Windswept. Of course we jumped at the chance and had a ball. While I'm a little tired today, it was worth it. We got as far as two verses and half a chorus... so we're almost there. Hopefully we'll get to finish it yet this week before Warren heads back to L.A. on Sunday.
**fingers crossed**

See... Monday's aren't so bad!

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