Hermitage, Pat and Jonell

Got my work Christmas Party (yes... I said CHRISTmas) tonight at 6:30. It's at the Hermitage Hotel, with open bar until supper is served at 7:30. JTC is going with me, so I have a designated driver, which means I can have a few adult beverages. Wheeeeeeee... haven't done that since my night of fun at Durango back in October. Crazy.

Then, we're going to bug out at 9:30 or so to catch Pat McLaughlin's first set at Douglas Corner. I promised Lindsey Rhoades we'd be there before I remembered we had the Christmas Party tonight, so it will be a good excuse to make a gracious exit.

From there (11:00 or so), we're going to go catch Jonell's last set at 3rd & Lindsley. Love her... she is such a dear friend and incredible singer. I want to make sure we end up there last so we get to talk a little and exchange presents. AND, Craig Krampf has been playing drums with her lately... he's amazing.

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