Pandora's box

Just ran across a post about www.pandora.com on Pith in the Wind.

Pandora is a site designed to deliver your own personal radio station online. All you have to do is type in an artist or song that you like, it creates a playlist inline with your selection. I'm listening to it right now... so far it is spot on.

If you click the thumbnail of the album cover in the playlist, you'll see several cool options... it is very intuitive. It gives you the option to buy the song from iTunes or the album from Amazon, you can vote on whether you like the album, start a new station from the album playing or find out why Pandora added a song to your playlist.

This really is one of the best uses of the Internet that I've ever seen.

Wish I'd have thought of it!

Go ahead... take it for a spin!


RaceBelle said...

I like it!!!!!! I typed in my new favorite song by Jack Johnson "Banana Pancakes", unfortunately they must not have it - but they played another song from Jack Johnson - pretty sweet deal here - I love listening to music while at work but can't ever seem to find the right "groove" - I think I may have found the solution to the problem - PANDORA!

Thanks for sharing,

BBLogan said...

Yeah... Love Jack Johnson's stuff, too.

I tried to create a station with some of my favorite Nasvhille artists (Jeffrey Steele, Pat McLaughlin, Gary Nicholson, Jonell Mosser, Bekka Bramlett, etc.) but they aren't loaded...YET. I think I'm going to write a letter to encourage them to add some more good stuff.

Rex said...

Gee, BB. If you'd stay on top of every rexblog post, you'd have heard of Pandora a month ago. I try my best. A tip on the Nashville station: start with Nickle Creek.

BBLogan said...

I am soooooo not on top of staying on top of rexblog. **duh BB** If I'd have been paying attention I could have been enjoying this sooooo much sooner.

Starting today, I'm making a resolution to pay attention so I can keep up with you!

Plug in Marc Broussard to hear rockin' soul artists... got all the good stuff and more.

LOVE Pandora.

Alison said...

I love this! How fun! I have three stations put together so far! :)