We're not in Kansas anymore...

Thursday we drove all day to get to Kansas City where we stayed with John's Aunt Carol and Kim. We had a blast. They had a pot roast supper waiting for us when we arrived and Marissa (John's cousin's little girl) was staying with them for the week. She is sooooo adorable. After supper we took a drive around KC to see the Christmas lights, the Plaza and downtown.

Friday morning we took off to finish our trip to Nebraska to visit my family. Wow. Can't believe how much AJ and Katie have grown. AND, that Cassy is only about five months from graduating from high school... she's 18 already?! Where did the time go? Oh yeah... and my Mom's new kitchen is FABULOUS.

Christmas Eve, all the Petersen's assembled at Mom & Dad's for dinner (that's lunch time on the farm). That new kitchen was just the ticket... we all were able to sit in the same room for ham, potatoes, salad, peas and homemade cream puffs. Yum. After dinner, we the kids opened their presents. It was a riot... can't wait til I get back to Nashvegas so I can post pics of all the excitement.

On Christmas Day, John and I went on a movie adventure in Yankton, SD with Cassy and AJ. Dick and Jane was a pretty average movie, but getting to hang with those two was priceless. We had a blast.

Today, Monday, we spent the morning saying goodbye to the Petersens. (Time flies when you're having fun!) At around 12:30 we hit the highway toward Yankton, SD where we met up with Ronnie, a long time friend, for coffee. We talked for more than two hours over coffee at the Fryin' Pan. Good times.

Then, we were off to Sioux Falls to see Denice, Shannan, Brent, Shelly and Dave. Spezia's was the scene for great food and reminiscing about the old times and new times. More good stuff.

Right now, I'm hanging with Denice... JTC just went to bed... so we'll be able to leave for Christmas with John's family Iowa on Tuesday. Can't wait.

Miss you! I'll write again on Friday when I get back to Nashville... provided my computer is all better.

Hope you had a MERRY CHRISTMAS and wishing you a HAPPY New Year.
Be safe.

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