BB's back...

Wow. Time flies when you're having fun.

We came back from our trip a day early (because both my mom and I contracted some tiring stomach virus)... but all in all, we had a great time.

On Friday, John and I went to see King Kong. Definitely intense and suspenseful. Friday night I spent time loading my new iPod... whoohooooo.

Saturday, John had a gig with BMT at Brackin's in Maryville (over by Knoxville) so I tagged along. We had a blast. Can't believe it is already 2006.

Sunday we returned from Maryville. I went to a songwriter get-together with Karleen at Lisa Torres' home. What fun! Lisa's parents had whipped up some very yummy Mexican... with homemade guacamole, enchiladas and salsa. MmmmGood.

Yesterday, I slept in until 9:30 and then spent the day domesticatin. Got alot cleaned, but still have a lot to do. Karleen came over mid-afternoon to write, but we ended up just hanging out and catching up... which was nice. Last night we had supper with JC, Shannon and JC's twins (Tatum & Jonah, who were visiting their Dad from Nebraska.) His kids are so cool.

Now... back to work. Feels good to be back and I'm proud of myself for not looking at my blackberry or calling in while I was out. Hopefully doing that gave me the opportunity to be fully recharged and ready to jump into 2006.

I'll keep you posted on that as the week goes on.

Missed ya!
Happy New Year!

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