Dreamin' of Sandy Beaches

It's my dream to someday be a part of the Sandy Beaches Cruise (an annual cruise put on by Delbert McClinton and friends). On Saturday, several friends and friends-of-friends set sail from the port of Tampa on SBC 12.

So... in an effort to pretend I am actually there instead of here in cube-land... I spent some time looking through the photos from the past few years. It looks so beautiful... so incredible... so MUSICAL. I love seeing friends like Bekka, Steve C, JC, Jeffrey Steele, Lucy Angel and others kickin' bootay and bein' on a gig that gives them an excuse for some R&R. Check out the list of performers this year... more of the best.

It looks like soooooo much fun. I'm definitely going to have to make a plan to get there one way or another in the next year or so.


Chez Bez said...

Ahhh, Bekka "Shakin' The Cage" Bramlett. I first heard her when she did that Zoo album with Mick Fleetwood.

Talk about an awesome and powerful voice...

That does look like a way cool cruise. Good luck next year.

BBLogan said...

Bekka is the sh*t.
She can sing and she ROCKS as a person, too.
LOVE her.