Reader's digest version of weekend happenings...

OK... let me just say it was an AMAZING weekend of music at 3rd & Lindsley.

Saturday night I was literally there from 6:30 p.m. to 3:30 a.m. to see Ken Johnson and Jeffrey Steele play. Isn't that crazy?! Let's just say it was the best Steele show yet. He was on fire... PLUS... Jay DeMarcus of Rascal Flatts sat in on "What hurts the most" (written by Jeff... of course. ) He was great. Then, later in the night, Jonell Mosser sat in... it was excellent... and it was her birthday, too. And... the place was absolutely packed. At around 9 or so, 3rd had to start restricting entry to the club. Jeff and the guys played non-stop until 2:30. Of course, Jeff spent another hour talking to every last person that wanted to talk to him. Isn't that cool?! After 3rd, Lala, Karleen, Tim, Jerrek, Cat and I went to the Hermitage Cafe. (Yeah... it's a dive... but it is also an experience.) Finally got home at 5:45 a.m. Good times, good times.

Then, on Sunday after going to see Karleen at the Bluebird, we went to 3rd to see the last half of the Lightning 100 show with Whitey Johnson (Gary Nicholson) and his band. Besides "Whitey's" incredible songs / guitar pickin'.... Delbert McClinton was sittin' in blowin' the harp most of the night, Dave Roe was slappin' the upright bass, Tom Hambridge was hittin' the skins, Reese Wynans was makin' the organ hum and Colin Linden was resonatin' the guitar. It was incredible.

(ChezBez... how was Bob Delevante's show? I need the scoop so I can put off that cloning operation!)

CDs bought this weekend:

"Hell on Wheels" - Jeffrey Steele
Been looking forward to the new Jeffrey CD for some time now. And... let me tell you... you need to get it. It is amazing.

"Whitey Johnson" - Whitey Johnson
Wasn't expecting to get this CD as it has many of the same songs on the Fortunate Sons (Gary's other band) on it... but somehow they were able to keep them from sounding completely the same. Good stuff.

Both are EXCELLENT. AND, I even got a free bottle of "Worry be gone" with the Whitey CD. It's hilarious.

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Chez Bez said...

Hey, I see my name up there!

But to answer your question, I passed on the show and just stayed home (which ties into my latest post on my blog).

I'll try to catch hime next time around. I work with a friend who is a good friend of Bob's. If she had been in town to go with me, I knwo that I would have gotten out of the house for it.

Always next time...