The heat is on...

...well almost on. $516 later... our heat/air unit is being fixed as I type this. The fan motor and blower wheel went out on our main unit, so let's just say it was a little nippy at the Richardson's last night. Oh well.. we kinda like it that way anyway. We had a five year warranty on the repairs... that ran out six months ago. Typical. Oh well... rice 'n' beans for us the rest of the month.

Good news is that our friend Melvin works for Maynard Fixturecraft, so I was able to talk with him last night to troubleshoot. Today, when I called to set an appointment, they sent someone out to look at our situation right away. Great service and very diligent. I'd highly recommend them if you need help with anything like this... they are very trustworthy and aren't just out to see how much they can get you to spend!

Anyway... with this and the fridge incident... I'm starting to worry that all of our stuff is going to go kaput at the same time since everything was purchased at the same time.
**fingers crossed**
I hope I'm wrong.

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Linda said...

Sounds like it's time to get a home warranty... seriously.