Like a moth to a flame...

That's me when it comes to the incredible live music that can be found EVERY SINGLE NIGHT all over Nashville.

In the past ten days, I've been in the studio helping JC with background vocals, have written or co-written (w/Lala and Karleen Watt) 2.65 songs and have seen some incredible musicians / songwriters perform: Keith Anderson with Bob Hatter and Pretty Boy, Jedd Hughes, Pat Buchanan (twice... once with the full band at third- Greg Morrow, Tom Bukovac and Allison Prestwood - and another in the round at the Bluebird), Blue Mother Tupelo, Will Kimbrough, Wendell Mobley, Neil Thrasher, Jason Sellers and a couple boys from Dirt Pharm.

I'm wearing myself out... but just can't help it. YES... OK... I admit it... I'm a music junkie. But, even after five years, I'm still discovering songwriters and bands here that just blow me away. It's so inspiring as a musician, a performer and a writer... for that matter... as a human being.

So, I'm sorry if I've been neglecting you my blog peeps... I'll try harder to keep you in the loop on all of the juicy nuggets Nashville has to offer... no more slacking off in 2006. And, if you ever want to join in on the fun... just say the word and hang on tight for a wild ride! Wwwwwwhhhoooooooohhhhoooooooooooooo.


Chez Bez said...

You're crazy girl! All of my wwwhhhoooohhoo-ing is short and polite, which defeats the purpose.

Thanks for sharing your words and thoughts and whatnot here. And your songs are great!

BBLogan said...

Thanks man!