A spankin' good time...

Last night Karleen, Lala, Brooke and I went to 12th & Porter to see Lauren Lucas and Randy Houser.

Lauren's set was incredible. She had Rob McNelley on guitar (from Delbert's band) and Nick Buda playin' the skins (excellent). Her voice is so soulful and sweet. She's the real deal. Lauren is definitely someone to watch... her second album on Warner Brothers is coming out soon. You may want to check it out.

And Randy Houser... well... my friend Randy totally blew me away. I knew he was a fun songwriter (he co-wrote "Honkytonkbadonkadonk") but I hadn't gotten to hear him with his own band until last night. Nick was on drums and he even had Rachel Proctor singin' background vox. Let me tell you this... Randy has "it"... seriously. He's got a great voice, great attitude, great songs and he just loves to be up there makin' people feel good. Rockin' country to soulful ballad, he delivers. The last song of the night was a song he co-wrote with Karleen... and it kicked bootay. While the title may be a little shocking ("Good boys need spankin's too") the song is really ROCKIN'. It brought the house down. Let's just say you may hear it on the radio sometime soon.

**finger's crossed**

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Chez Bez said...

I bet the video will be fun.