Sticking my neck out...

...for the Nashville Zoo.

John and I are members and absolutely love the Zoo... and all its potential. One of the things we've been hoping for since we moved here is the addition of giraffes. Well... it's lookin' good. If all goes well raising money to get them here, we should have three giraffes in residence at the zoo sometime in April.

Remember back in September when I blogged about the St. Louis Zoo wristbands (you'll have to scroll down to the bottom of the post to see them... they're zebra striped.) Well... now the Nashville Zoo has jumped on the bandwagon... and I'm planning to get one for all my friends. ANYTHING for the giraffes! So... even if a $1 is all you can afford... please help bring the giraffes to Nashville. Get your very own "Stick your neck out!" wrist band!

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