Asylum Street Spankers

John and I went to this band's show at 3rd on Saturday night.
It was amazing.
It was unique and unlike anything we've seen in Nashville in the past five years.

They are an eight-piece acoustic group with multi-talented musicians and an un-peggable genre. Instruments on stage included a washboard, percussion rig / toys, several dobros, a resonator uke, fiddle, mandolin, guitar, an upright bass and even a hand-saw played with a fiddle bow. More like a theatrical musical experience, the group wasn't afraid to just be themselves. Their tight harmonies and forthright lyrics sucked us in all the way. And, I really appreciated the acousticness of the show... it was a nice change of pace. The audience actually refrained (well except for the loud chick on her cell phone behind us. Thankfully she and her man friend left half way through the show. I came really close to asking her nicely to shut up... I didn't pay $13 to hear her conversations.) from talking and was attentive to the A.S.S. (ha... just realized that the band acronymn is ASS... no accident I'm sure. HA.)

Next time they are in Nashville... or anywhere near where you live... I recommend you take in the show. It's an experience... and I mean that in a very VERY good way.

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