Mr. Bentos Box

Saw a link to TN Girl on Nashville is Talking about a "Mr. Bentos box".

At first, I thought it was a restaurant chain or something, but now realize it is even better.

It's a stackable stainless steel food thermos.

How cool is that?!
Now I want one!


Serrabee said...

That is stealing a name, isn't it? A bento box is standard lunch fare at any sushi place I've ever been to.

BBLogan said...

You may be right, but I think bentos box isn't a copyrighted term. Instead it is a common term used to describe something, so my guess is it is also considered "uncopyrightable"... again that is my guess. By calling it "Mr. Bentos" it becomes a brand and also becomes copyrightable. Crazy stuff, huh?