Denice's Surprise

OK... you may have noticed a lack of posts over the past few days. Well... last week... I couldn't tell you that I was going to be gone.

Tessa, Terri and I (now affectionately known as the three pinnochios) were counting the days to surprising Denice for her birthday. She had no clue and it was all I could think to blog about... so I had to just hold off so as not to risk giving it away. (D reads this pretty often and I couldn't take a chance of showing our hand.)

SHORT STORY: I met Tessa, Terri and Denice in Minneapolis for a surprise birthday weekend celebration for Denice. She had no clue I was meeting her in The Cities and we had to do some major dancing to pull it off without Denice catching on. AND it was all worth it. She had no clue and it was so incredible to be able to surprise her for her birthday.

LONG STORY: I'll post more about that later... I've got some major catching up to do at work. It's good stuff so be sure to check back tomorrow morning for the details.

THANK YOU Tessa and Terri for coordinating the dance.
What a GREAT weekend!
WHEN ARE YOU COMING TO NASHVILLE for the next adventure?!

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Denice said...

Jeanne ~

You are an Amazing, Caring, Beautiful, Talented, Loyal, Creative, Wonderful friend...and I am SO thankful for your friendship and having you in my life. THANK YOU for all you went through to make last weekend actually happen with all the planning, taking off work and buying a ticket to fly to see me. Sorry I put all 3 of you girls through so much frustration, to make sure I actually got there! I had a blast and feel closer to all of you. T sent me a link to the photos and they turned out so nice. It was relaxing and great just to hang out together. Seeing The Combo was great too. Thanks for all the great laughs and the memories. Well it's back to reality and our winter weather is now cold, snowy, and blowing hard here. "Blowing Hard" (insert head banging here)!! HaHaHa. I'll keep that memory forever.

Love ya ~ Denice