OK Rex... here it goes...

I'm it.

Four Jobs I've Had:
For more than ten years until 1997, I had very restaurant position possible (hostess, waitress, delivery, cook, etc.); Graphic artist; Ad agency account exec; marketing this... internet that...

FourFive Movies I Can Watch Over and Over:
Signs | Pulp Fiction | The Incredibles | 12 Monkeys | Seven

Four TV Shows I Love to Watch:
Extreme Home Makeovers | Medium | Seinfeld | Survivor

Four Places I’ve Been on Vacation:
Black Hills of South Dakota | San Diego | Cozumel | Chicago

Four Favorite Dishes:
JTC's Pork Chops | The Pasta (my very own recipie) | Sushi | Lobster

Four Websites I Visit Daily:
NFIB.com | MySpace | Google | Bloglines

FourFive Places I'd Rather Be:
Nashville (I LOVE NASHVILLE!) | Sioux Falls, SD | Home in NE | John's Parent's in IA | Minneapolis, MN

Four Bloggers I'm Tagging (Nashville blogs):
ChezBez | Sarah Ashley | Nashville Stories | Pitcherlady


Rex Hammock said...

Okay. I can stop holding my breath.

BBLogan said...

hee hee.
u funny.