Happy Birthday Denice!

My bestest girlfriend in the whole world is celebrating another trip around the sun today.

Sure wish I could be there to help her age gracefully... well at least have fun anyway. (Not sure I can really help with the graceful part... grace has never been my forte... just ask her! Most of the laughs we have are over me spilling or tripping or doing something really clutzy. HA.)

Anyway, in lieu of actually being there, I sent her some flowers and she just sent me this phone pic of them. (I love that!) So, just for today, imagine this is me, in SD, hangin' out with D.

Happy Birthday Denice.
Love you, Sistah.
Have fun with T tonight... and sing one for me!

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Denice said...

Jeanne ~

Thank you again for your early morning phone call to wish me a Happy Birthday, and for sending the flowers in the afternoon. (Did you ever find out who "Jessica" was? : ) That's just too funny! Glad you got the photo. I appreciate your friendship so much, and I'm so thankful for you. I had a really cool day...and several unexpected surprises that just made my whole day. Ordered pizza last night and then watched my new favorite movie "Just Like Heaven". Oh my God...you've gotta watch that one....funny...and touches your heart too - that's all I'll say. And yes...I sang one for ya too! We had a fun night hanging out....in fact it was so much fun that I didn't go home. But I got to sleep in the "princess bed"...and had the dog lying next to me, and awoke to hearing the soft spoken voice saying "Can you get me some cereal?". Can't say I've started the day like this before...but it's a good one. Hope you're having a great day. Talk to you soon...but not during "Survivor" : )

Love ya ~ Denice