Where did they go?

The past ten days?
I swear I'm in a time warp.
Please accept my apologies for being so delinquent at keeping you up-to-date.

After I returned from my surprise trip to MN, things just got away from me. In fact, I think it started before I even left.

Work has been overwhelmingly crazy... but that's really all I have to say about it. The details are way to boring if you're not in the thick of it. But... the good news is that I'm making some progress on a couple big projects that I may even share with you once they are done. First one should be ready at the end of March. It's gonna rock.

Music has also been crazy. Last week I attended as much of the CRS events as I could without staying up 24-hours-a-day every day.

Tuesday night we saw a show at the Basement and then BB and I headed over to 12th & Porter for Billy Block's Western Beat. Jeffrey Steele was on the bill and, as usual, he was electric. BB sat in on several songs... which was an incredible treat. She's so amazing. Of course, Tommy Mac, Steve C and Tom Hambridge were on fire backing JS up. Plus the whole gang was there, Lala, Karleen, Lucy Angel, Southland, JC, Randy, Ken, Andi, Lisa... and more. It was a great night.

Wednesday night, hung out at the Renaissance Hotel where CRS was happening. Got to meet some new faces and spend time with people I know around Nashville. Big & Rich played a showcase along with some other cool artists.

Thursday night, I hung out some more at the Renaissance with my music peeps and then headed over to the Red Iguana for my second Jeffrey Steele show of the week. The sound wasn't the best (the club sound... not Jeff and the band's sound) but because it was a CRS show, the crowd was actually manageable at the show. Kinda nice for a change. AND,both Cat and BB sat in most of the night. Again... the whole gang was there plus a few more. We had a blast! Although, I ended up getting home at 3:30 a.m. Somehow I functioned on three ours of sleep Friday. Whoohoo.

Friday night, JTC and I headed over to 3rd for a killer line-up: Stacie Collins, Ashley Cleveland and the Fortunate Sons.

Saturday, I slept until a whoppin' 7:30 a.m. Had a writing appointment with my friend Steve in the afternoon, BTS came over for fried chicken and mashed potatoes, and then we all went out to see BMT at Douglas Corner where we met another good friend, Eric Dout, who's in the process of moving home to Detroit. What a CRAZY night.

Sunday, I had a church council meeting. Then, JTC and I hosted a little gathering of friends (12 people) at our house. JTC made his infamous BBQ sauce along with some of the best BBQ chicken this side of the Mississippi! It was so much fun. Everyone brought something to eat... from Micol's homemade "not yo mama's banana pudding" to Ellen's homemade guacamole and short bread cookies to Tommy Mac's potato salad and Lala's own special brie concoction... there was no shortage of good food. We've got a great family of friends here in Nashvegas... and we're so thankful.

Today, I'm working with my friend Danny to lay out a plan for recording and scheduling studio time for this weekend, setting up some writing appointments this week, writing a song and working on learning to play the dang-gum guitar. (Lala and Karleen showed me a better way to play a C chord last night... it is soooooo rockin' my world.)

Tonight... I'm not doing a darn thing except hanging with my drummer boy.

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