7 Signs of Blogging Addiction

Lemmie sent this my way today... is he trying to tell me something?

From "Smart People in a Stupid World":

7 Signs of Blogging Addiction
  1. You worry more about traffic to your blog than traffic to your job.

  2. RSS Feeds are more important to you than food.

  3. You visit more Blog Carnivals than parties.

  4. You pepper your daily conversation with high-profile keywords in order to attract more listeners.

  5. You spend more time checking your adsense account than your real one.

  6. When friends fancy a chat, you submit them to a word recognition widget before accepting their comments.

  7. When asked for your home address, you give the URL of your blog.
Addicted or not... I just want the t-shirt.


Rex Hammock said...

While I'm sure I'm addicted, I don't suffer from any of these. I think I'll come up with my own list. (However, I do own one of those cool "I'm blogging this" T-shirts.

BBLogan said...

I want to see YOUR list.
AND... I want to know where you got that t-shirt!

Tammara said...

Number 8. (Well for me anyhow)
Another symptom of blogging addiction is weight gain.

Number 9. More coffee is consumed while at the keyboard in order to continue blogging into the wee hours of the morning.

Oh, I've got it bad, but I can see by the date of your post that I'm late with confessing it in that I finally confessed it on my blog yesterday. Thanks for the fun post to read here.