"Winter" driving tips

John and I just had several belly laughs over some incomplete "winter driving tips" we just watched on the news. Sorry... not trying to offend anyone... but driving in real winter weather is something we lived our entire lives until we moved here six years ago. And, I'm concerned that they may have omitted some critical info... however funny it was to us.

So, I thought it might be a good idea to clarify a couple things for my own peace of mind.
  1. News reporter said: "Tap your brakes so you know what the road surface is like so you'll know how your car will respond..."

    While that is true... I think they may have edited out this part, "...but most importantly (if you don't have anti-lock brakes) tap your brakes too keep from locking them up and to keep your car from becoming a sled. Tapping your brakes helps you maintain control of your car as you stop / slow down to stop."

  2. News reporter said: "Take extra clothes, hats and gloves in case you get stranded on the road. That way if you get wet or something you have some dry clothes to change into."

    OK, that could be valid, too, but the biggest reason to take extra clothes is so you can stay warm and add layers to the clothing you already have on. Avoiding hypothermia is one of the most important things to do if you get stranded in sub-zero winter weather.
Don't believe me?
Well, then are some "real sources" for winter driving tips:

AAA - How to go on ice and snow (PDF)

Weather Channel Winter Driving Tips

Car Talk Winter Driving Tips

The best thing you can do in "winter" weather is plan ahead. Leave early so you have time to drive more cautiously.

Now be safe out there.

And, if you're worried about knowing what to do when the roads are slick, click on the links above to get detailed info instead of relying on a news live shot.


lcreekmo said...

Oh my gosh. I wish you had been in the cab with me on Tuesday. I had this Russian cab driver taking me to Dulles, and he spent the entire 30-min or so drive telling me how to drive in the snow, and then when he ran out of those tips, just how to drive safe in general.

I think he was enjoying talking about one of his favorite topics.

I will say I am pretty decent at driving in snow, but mostly because I have the good sense to a. go very slow and b. take no risks at all.

Denice said...

Car Winter Survival kit....also an essential. Somebody special just put one together for me recently as all this cold sub-zero weather was coming into S.D.

1. Cell phone & car charger or extra battery in glove box
2. Small shovel and cat litter or small wood boards
3. Jumper cables
4. Tow rope
5. Inflated spare tire
6. Radio with batters or crank
7. Foger's coffee can, lid, & T.P.
8. Book of matches
9. Bottled water - each 3/4 full
10. Snacks, peanuts, dried fruit - banana or apple chips, trail mix
11. Bright orange or red cloth to tie to antenna
12. Snow boots & thermal socks
13. Ski gloves/waterproof mittens
14. Ski pants & parka coat w/hood
15. Hat & scarf
16. Blankets & pillows
17. Good book or magazines
18. Hopefully...a friend to go through being stuck or stranded with you!

Share the experience. Ha, ha....