Crazy for SEAL

Ok... I just downloaded "Seal" from 1991 from iTunes. (well a partial album anyway... the whole album wasn't on iTunes... foiled again)

Remember Seal and the super hit song of his, "Crazy"?

I used to work out to the album like a fiend... that and En Vogue.

Does this make me old?


CHEZ BEZ said...

That CD and that year hold a special place in my heart. VH1 might call it "my greatest year ever."

That stinks that the whole thing is not available. Check the local library for the rest.

BBLogan said...

GREAT idea! I've got it on cassette... so sad... heh.

Denice said...

Cassette....what's that?! Ha, ha. Of course I remember the vinyl's and the 8-track tapes...so that does make me older...and wiser I hope too : )