Isn't there any NEWS out there?

OK... I try not to use this blog as a venting place, but I just have to say this.

Can we PLEASE find something to report besides Anna Nicole Smith and Britney Spears? I'm sick of top stories and headlines that should be reserved for "real news" being used to report on the personal lives of celebrities.

Let Anna Nicole's family / friends battle it out in private and then REPORT on what happens. The more it's in the news, the longer it is going to go on. All of these people are looking for attention. If the cameras weren't there, Anna would probably have been buried by now.

Cut Britney some slack. How many of you have friends out there who have gone through a similar phase after getting divorced? Seriously, she's got a Mom / ex-husband to help her with the children... give her some space to feel a little crazy and overwhelmed. Let her work it out. I highly doubt she needs rehab... it's probably just the only way she can get away from the cameras. Maybe try REPORTING on her success at going through a rough time instead of feeding on her pain... giving her some space for a few months or more... treating her like the human being that she is... maybe like we'd want to be treated.

Above all... why is this kind of news once again taking precedent over stuff that really matters? I understand the "media's" challenge... they perceive that the audience doesn't care about inflation, politics, the environment and oil... they think we want "the scoop". Well, in my book, "the scoop" translates into "gossip" about a bunch of celebrities... it's not NEWS! And, I'm not interested.

It frustrates me that the average American cannot recite the names of their state senators, but they know who Anna Nicole was and they talk about Britney and her divorce as if she is a close friend. It just seems really sad to me.

C'mon people.
Where is our humility?
Are we so dissatisfied with our own lives that we get pleasure from the pain of others?
How can we change it?
How can YOU help change it?
Don't buy a magazine or a newspaper with this crap in it. Turn the channel when this "news" comes on. The only way corporate news organizations will get the message is through the $ they don't receive directly or indirectly from us for the "gossip" they report.

End of rant.
Thanks for letting me get that off my chest.

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