Happy Birthday Denice

Wow... my best girl friend (we've known each other since 1987) is celebrating the big "40" today. She's the most amazing woman I know... Denice is my soul sistah... she's my family. Wish I could be in Sioux Falls today to give her big HUGS... buy her lunch at Minerva's and then go back to her house to record silly messages on her answering machine. Heh... she'll know what that means. **wink**

Like a fine wine... Denice just gets better with time!
So... please help me send her tons of good vibes and love today.

C'mon... let's all join keypads and sing happy birthday to her!

**virtual singing**

Haaaapppyy birthdaaaaayyy toooo yooooouuuu!
Haaaapppyy birthdaaaaayyy toooo yooooouuuu!
Haaaapppyy birthdaaaaayyy dear Dehhhhnnnneeeeee-eeeece...
Haaaapppyy birthdaaaaayyy toooo yooooouuuu!
**virtual cheering and clapping**

I love you Neece...
If you feel something warmer than your cuddle duds today... It's just me giving you a big long distance "Denice" hug. (Don't even try to tap out of this one, chickie. Heh.)

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Denice said...

You're so cool! Just wanted to thank you again for the birthday wishes, the beautiful flowers, and singing to me....You're the BEST! I miss you huge. Gotta plan a trip soon so I can see you and get my hugs in person. Love ya!!!