Bad starters and cam sensors

Weeeehhhhlllllllllllll... let's just say my car has not had a good last couple of days.

Yesterday, as I was parallel parking in front of the Tin Roof to meet my friend Jane for lunch, my car conked out. I clutched to put the Forester in reverse, heard a big clunking noise and the engine stopped running. At the time, I thought my foot slipped off the clutch or something and I killed it.


A sinking feeling came over me as I tried to restart the engine. The key turned...the CD player came back on...lights...everything. The only thing missing was that familiar sound of the starter catching. Nothing. Nada. Nilch. So, after a few choice curse words, I popped it into neutral and coasted backwards, down the hill, into the parallel spot. It was the worst parking job ever... diagonal across the spot... but at least the car was out of the street.

Next, I called my mechanic, the Subaru dealership and then the wrecker service.

Within an hour my car was safely at the dealership to be fixed.
Within two hours I knew it was going to cost over $800 to get it back.
The starter had crapped-out and my "cam sensor" was not working.

OK. No biggie. The car's paid for... its got a lot of miles on it. Things are bound to go wrong...right? At least I don't have a car payment... right?

I hitched a ride home from work last night and back to work this morning with Bob (from work). My car was supposed to be ready today. Problem solved.

Well, I just hung up the phone with the dealership. The parts for my car came in this morning. Unfortunately, they were damaged and had to be re-ordered. Guess I'm hitchin' a ride with "Bobby D's Shuttle Service" again tonight and tomorrow morning.

Keep your fingers crossed that I have a car tomorrow!

UPDATE - 03.04.05:
My car is fixed. I'm catching a ride to pick it up after work.

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