Not that I eat a lot of Wendy's chili... but you can guarantee I won't be eating it ever again.

Search continues for origin of finger found in Wendy's chili

I feel sick.


Linda said...

I just almost lost my lunch. And it was a lot better than that chili...

BBLogan said...

Right there with you sistah. The headline was enough to turn my stomach...then, after I read the story I was completely grossed out.

I may post this story on the refrigerator to aid in my weight loss efforts.

Jennifer and Eric said...

"Meat processing facilities are known to pose significant threats to worker safety. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, meat processing is the most dangerous job in the nation; in fact, the rate of injury and illness among slaughterhouse workers is approximately three times higher than the injury rate in the average U.S. factory. Every year, 29 out of every 100 meat processing workers sustains a work-related injury or illness that requires treatment beyond first aid. Given the pressure placed on slaughterhouse supervisors to report low injury-rates and the numerous past scandals involving injury-log falsification at slaughterhouses, it is likely that many additional injuries are never recorded
-eric Revolutionary