JTC's B-day in the Keys

Well... JTC is having a GREAT Birthday in the Florida Keys today.

At midnight, Micol and Ricky helped me out by delivering a cake to John on stage. He said he was totally surprised. (Thanks to Micol and Ricky for helping him start the his big day with a bang.)

I also sang "Happy Birthday" into JTC's cell phone voice mail at Midnight. Sure wish I were there with him!

He said the gig went great at the Green Parrot last night and that they had tons of college kids there. Everyone was telling them that they need to be on the Bonnaroo line-up. Wouldn't that be cool?! Who knows, maybe they can make it happen this year.

BMT is now on their way to Big Pine. Sounds like David Lee Slate and a couple friends who are in the Keys for the winter will be stopping out to see them. Very cool.


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