The Green Parrot & Cuban Coffee

Just talked to JTC. The gig at the Green Parrot went great last night. According to John, the club was really happy and they had a good-sized crowd. Sounds like there were more people there than they normally have on a Tuesday night. AND, by all reports they loved BMT. Very cool. They are playing there again tonight. Hopefully the word will spread about BMT and the crowd will be even bigger tonight!

When I spoke with John, he was walking down the street in Key West searching for a coffee shop with Cuban coffe and web access. (The "band house" provided by the club doesn't have a phone so he's hoping to find a cafe where he can plug in.) Sounds like Micol and Ricky are going to do a little sight seeing and maybe hit the beach this afternoon. John is going to hang and do his own thing... give himself a little down time... maybe take a nap (in the sun I hope!).

This is going to sound weird, but it sounded sunny and warm when I was talking to John. Wish I was there!

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Denice said...

Hey Jeanne ~
I love to read about how your life is going and what you're thinking about. I did e-mail John a note to wish him a Happy Birthday tomorrow. Too bad you and I couldn't hop on a plane and meet up in Key West for a few days and hang out and listen to BMT. I'm sure it's gorgeous there too. Hope John found his Cuban coffee. That sounds like it would be very rich tasting! Talk to ya soon.