Familiar Faces in the Audience of Nashville Star

John and I are going to be in the live audience (as opposed to a dead audience) of Nashville Star tonight. Our friend Randi Perkins is friends with one of the contestants, Tamika Tyler, and asked us if we'd like to go. Sounds like we'll be in good seats so there is a good chance you'll get a glimpse of us.

The show is live on USA at 9 p.m. (Central time) tonight.

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Don said...

Dear Jean,

Uncle Don needs you!!!

We are introducing PET/CT to Midland and need a plan of attack to "more professionaly" channel our advertising resources and not come off like "amateurs" - which we are!!!!

Help!! Can I fax something to you? email me at gammadodger@hotmail.com

Please - I'm sending out the bat signal.