American Idol-oke

Last night, I was feeling a little wiped out and felt a sore throat coming on... so, I stayed home from my songwriting class to recharge a little... which allowed me to watch American Idol with JTC.

It was like watching a televised kareoke competition. No one is really putting any heart and soul into the songs. They're just going through the motions, singing the songs exactly like the original and they aren't "bringin' it" at all.

So far, I think Bo, Anwar and Nadia have the most potential. But frankly, I think all of them are pretty average. This years competition / contestants are yawners compared past shows. contestants. Fantasia blows all of them out of the water. As does Rubin and Kelly Clarkson.

Is it just me?
Am I over analyzing it?
What do you think?


rex said...

BB, you're bbeing a bit too hard on them, I think.

Of course, my favorite, Carrie Underwood, was awful last night. I still think she could win Nashville Star with no problem.

Also, I think your recollections on Fantasia are a bit inflated, as she appeared on the show last week and, while good, didn't blow anyone out of any water.

So, yes. It's just you. You are over analyzing.

BBLogan said...

I agree with you about Carrie Underwood. She is really good and I WISH she was on Nashville Star. She'd win hands down.

As for Fantasia, I thought she was incredible last week. I love energy she puts out when she performs. She is very inside the lyrics and the feel of the song when she is on stage. That really gets me. And, it translates to the audience. That is what I want to see from the other contestants, too. Right now, they seem too worried about what they look like when they sing and how many times they can nail the camera. It doesn't seem sincere.

You are probably right, I'm overanalyzing. (We'll blame it on swollen glands.) But, until one of the contestants steps up and proves me otherwise, I still think it is American Idol-oke.