Nashvegas traffic post

This is a GREAT post about Nashville traffic at BJ's Random Nonsense. Love it... so I had to share.

For those of you not familiar with Nashville roads, not only to they intersect each other multiple times (I mean the same streets criss-crossing each other) they also have multiple names and some are even complete circles (OHB). Once you get used to it (it's taken me almost five years) it's not so bad. However, when I first moved to Nashville I felt like I was driving on another planet. Nothing made sense... oh yeah... and no one knows how to follow the rules of the road either.



Sylvana said...

I hate it when a road has multiple names! We have that problem here too, and it drives me crazy when I am trying to follow directions to someplace.

Sylvana said...

Oh, got to your blog by Next Blog.

B.J. said...

AMEN, and thanks for stopping by my little corner of the net. Us Nashvillians need to stick together.