DON'T FORGET: Big gig tonight...

We had a great rehearsal at our house last night. I roped JTC (drums), Hubert Knight (bass), Kiwamu (a.k.a. Josh) Stewart (acoustic guitar), Steve Cirvencik (electric guitar) and Cat Miller (background vocals) into playing. They are all top notch and I'm very thankful that they agreed to be a part of the "Roundabouts".

You definitely won't want to miss our gig tonight if you can help it. It's 45 minutes of nothin' but BB and the Roundabouts AND it is going to be a blast.

Song line-up:
- Sometimes Love's Not Enough
- The Forgotten Ones
- You Can't Get It Back
- Gotta Get Up
- Don't Love You Anymore
- Quit Your Bitchin'

Be prepared to sing along! (Especially on Quit Your Bitchin')
If all goes well tonight, I might just take this show on the road!

Hope to see you there.


Linda said...

Break a leg tonight, BB!

As a side note, have you looked at your ad links? Maybe you can get the NRA to sponsor you! ;)

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BBLogan said...

Thanks, sistaaaahhh.

As far as the ads go, what a riot! I'm thinking "Daisy" bb guns might be even better than the NRA. I could turn all the little circles on the site into "targets." HA.