Two days until...

Brenda (NE), Denice (SD) and Paige (NE) visit Nashville for the second annual "Nashvegas Chick Weekend!"


So far, we've got a fun-packed weekend in the works. We'll hit the ground running when they arrive on Friday at 5:30.

From the airport, we'll go straight to BB Kings to hear "Whitey Johnson" (a.k.a. Gary Nicholson) with Reese Wynans and Tom Hambridge.

Then, at 8 ish, we'll head out to the Opry to catch the show.

From there, who knows?! It may be a late night of honkey tonkin' or we may just go to our house to rest-up.

Saturday, not sure what we'll do in the AM (sleep in?), but a trip to the Pancake Pantry is probably in order. Then, we're off to the Earth Day Celebration in Centennial Park. The music line-up kicks bootay. Not sure what we'll do Saturday night... maybe that will be the honkey tonk night... no matter what, we'll have FUN.

Sunday, possibly church (if the guests are up for it), maybe a little Nashville shopping and a good old fashioned BBQ at the Richardson residence.

Monday, the chicks return to NE and SD.

And then, BB is sad.

In the meantime, I can't WAIT for them to get here.



hammock man said...

Skip the Opry and go to the Station Inn to hear the The Grascals. Awesome. They're also playing with Dolly Parton on the Opry Saturday night.

BBLogan said...

Oooooh. That sounds cool. The girls are pretty excited about going to the Opry, so maybe we can do BOTH. I'm sure once we sit through a couple sets at the Opry, they'll be ready to go somewhere else... if you know what I mean.

Thanks, Hammock-man!