BB is sad.

Well, as predicted at the end of this post, BB is sad. Brenda, Denice and Paige are getting on a plane right now to return home to Nebraska and South Dakota. : (

We had a SPECTACULAR weekend... It went way too fast.

Yesterday, after church, I found out that JTC had roped the three of them into a big plan. We arrived home to a surprise b-day party! (My birthday is Tuesday.) How cool is that?!

Not sure how they did it, but I was clueless until we pulled into the driveway that there was anything in the works. Very cool.

Gwen brought a b-day cake, LaLa brought chocolate covered strawberries and bananas, peanut butter pie and baked brie (all homemade BTW... very YUMMY), Micol brought a yummy pasta salad, JTC grilled burgers and dogs... it was excellent.

When we were done eating, we all (about 14 people) ended up sitting out on the deck pickin', singin' and playin'.
It was a BLAST.

JTC's present to me was a left-handed acoustic guitar. I've been talking about learning to play, but wasn't planning to get a guitar anytime soon. He completely blew me away. Can't wait to get started!

Thanks to everyone for an incredible weekend with old and new-old friends.

I miss you already Brenda, Paige and Denice.
You're the BEST.


Denice said...

Hey Jeanne ~

We all had a blast with you over the weekend! It went to fast as always. The Ole' Opry night will be remembered for a long time, and taking photos in the rain in Franklin. Oceans 12, Bandit's, and The Fockers were lots of laughs as we relaxed along with watching that wine go down. But, the best day was going to church and singing in the choir , and your surprise 36th Birthday party. (Way to go, John....you are the best at pulling it all together!) And, the afternoon out on the deck in the sunshine and jammin' to all the songs on the guitars and congas was so cool....gotta do that again sometime. It was great to talk to you on the phone this morning. Hope you have a great week. Thanks again for having all of us girls invade your home for the weekend. Miss you already.

Love ya ~ Denice

BBLogan said...

F. F. F... I can't believe you're gone already! Please come back!!!

On the other hand, we should consider planning a trip to Syracuse to see "Pam and the #1 podiatrist" SOON. *wink*