I was blown away...

Last night JTC and I went to a Tin Pan South show at 3rd. We went expecting to see Jeffrey Steele, Billy Ray Cyrus, Jimmy Webb and Rivers Rutherford. As we were waiting in line, they let us know that Jeffrey and Billy weren't going to make it.

Then, they told us who was going to fill in and I was ELATED. Beth Nielsen Chapman (who I had stood in line to see Wednesday night at the Bluebird Cafe eventhough the show was sold out. It was worth a shot, but I didn't get in. Ended up going to Douglas Corner to see Michael Johnson instead... but that is another story!) was on her way. Then, when we got inside we found out that Jimmy Wayne was also coming to help save the day.


I knew it was going to be good... but I had no idea just how good. The whole thing was an incredible experience. If you click the links above to see who these artists are... you'll understand what I mean.


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peach said...

oh, i am sooo jealous!!! the last time i saw her was at the bluebird with mike reid and doug henry. she is a fabulous song writer and has an incredible voice! btw, love what you've done with the blog!!! :)