Meeting hell...

7 a.m. - Church meeting
8:30 a.m. - Project meeting
10 a.m. - IT status meeting
11:30 a.m. - Birthday lunch (whoohoooo)
4 p.m. - Vendor meeting at work
6:30 p.m. - Song class

Then there was yesterday:
9:00 a.m. - Projects meeting
10 a.m. - Monthly marketing meeting (two hours)
Noon - Webinar on new technologies
1:30 - New product demo
2:30 - Project meeting
5:00 - Deliver rehearsal packets
6 p.m. - Church meeting
7 p.m. - Choir rehearsal

NO MEETINGS. I've blocked off my calendar so that I can work on all of the things I talked about getting done in all of those meetings over the last two days. AAAAaaaaaaahhhh.

The only commitment I have this rainy day is "Jeanne & the Roundabouts" rehearsal at 7 p.m. And that sounds like tons of FUN not work.

I say we all declare this day the unofficial "No meeting day."
In fact, I may do the same tomorrow... then it will be "the official unofficial no meeting day."


Linda said...

I don’t feel like trumping you with the meeting schedule, because it will just remind me of how this week has gone...

But, I do know that your "block the entire day to keep it meeting-free" plan didn't work.

I only know this because after my staff meeting this morning, I attempted to do the same thing and you're in one of the two meetings that I was forced to agree to squeeze in.

Meetings suck.

BBLogan said...

Yeah...but you have to know I gave it my best shot. I'm such a sucker. The meeting organizer actually came to my office and said, "I see you're away from your office all day... but I really want to get this done..." and I CRACKED. What a wiener. Oh well.

And, I know you could easily trump me this week. You should try blocking off your calendar... You'd probably be much more successful at it than me! HA.