Writing a song in 30 minutes

Tonight is my song coach session with Rick Beresford . I've been going every Tuesday for the past four weeks and it has really helped me find ways to keep the song ideas coming. Love all the creative exercises. I'm looking at songs in a whole new way and coming up with more ideas for new songs every day.

The assignment for tonight was to write a song in 30 minutes.
Can be any song about anything.
It doesn't have to be a hit.
I can do that. (obviously... since I have no hits... yet.)
No problem...right?!

Well, of course, because it is an assignment I've hated all the ideas I've had. Started several songs but realized after more than 30 minutes had passed that they were too deep to write in a short amount of time. When I went to bed last night, I was feeling down that I hadn't come-up with anything cool over the past week... quickly anyway.

At 3:43 this morning, I woke up. My mind was racing about all the things I have going on at work, home, church, musically, etc. For the past two weeks and this week I've got something going on every night... sometimes I've even got two things going on. It's really ridiculous (and my own damn fault!).

Then, it hit me.
That was it.
So I got out of bed and wrote a song about my mind racing... in 30 minutes (maybe a few minutes more). The verses are laid back and the chorus is machine gunny. I think it actually is okay. I'll probably end up rewriting it several times over the next couple weeks... but I did it nonetheless!

Just in time.
I'll let you know how it goes.
If it really turns out, I might even play it at one of my upcoming gigs (4/24 and 4/29).

Rick liked my idea. I may actually turn it into a real song. HA.

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