The "gentle" alarm clock

What a cool concept. Some Brown University students were inspired by their own sleep deprivation to develop a "clock that wakes you when you're ready." I'm just not sure how I feel about having to wear a headband equipped with electrodes and a microprocessor to bed to make it work.

UPDATE 04.15.05:
Just read about this on BB. There is actually something already out there called the SleepTracker... it's gotten a pretty good review, too. I WANT ONE! (No chip necessary.)


Linda said...

I'm sure they could implant the microprocessor and utilize blue tooth technology and you'd never realize it was there...

And while you're at it, you could get your work key card chip implanted in your hand. :)

BBLogan said...

I resist!
I resist!
No chip implants.

(Although I don't have my key card today... and it is proving to be a royal pain in the a$$.)

Does this make me want to reconsider my chip stance?

[tap tap tap]