BB at Large

Got a gig or something goin' on for the next four nights.
Thought I'd give you a shot at getting in on some of this action.

TONIGHT, 6/30: 7:30 at the French Quarter. The Roundabouts and I are playing Jack Scott's Writer's Night. Just me and the band for about 45 minutes. Whoohoooo! THEN... I'm going around the corner to the 5 Spot to see BMT play on the Roots Rock show.

TOMORROW, 7/1: 10:30ish at Cocktails Lounge. I'm sitting-in with The Jonn Hamlin Ramblin Band.

SATURDAY, 7/2: 7:30 at 3rd & Lindsley. I'm going to see Pat Buchanan and Jedd Hughes with an incredible band (Greg Morrow, Tom Bukovac, Allison Prestwood). Excellent.

SUNDAY, 7/3: 8:00 p.m. at the Bluebird. Danny Torrell and JC are backing me up on my third appearance on the club's Sunday Night Writer's Night. Barbara Cloyd is the featured hit writer. AND, my friend Karleen Watt is also playing that night. She on the verge of becoming a hit writer herself. Very good stuff.

MONDAY, 7/4: I don't plan to do anything... well... except wish I was in the Florida Key's with my honey and BMT. **tears**


Alison said...

Oh girl! You should go to the Keys! You would love it!

dp said...

Your set at the French Quarter rocked. Loved the voice, loved the songs, loved the band.

BBLogan said...

What REALLY rocked was having you there. It means alot to look out and see friends singin' along. THANK YOU chickola.