Got any NEW ideas?

Have you noticed that a good portion of upcoming and current movie releases are remakes of old movies and/or TV shows?

Dukes of Hazzard
The Longest Yard
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Bad News Bears
Pink Panther

I KNOW there are original ideas out there and screenwriters who are writing them. But, I guess the studios have to go where the "guaranteed" money is... right?

And... I'll be the first to admit, the evil plan works. I plan to see "Bewitched."

Pitiful, aren't I?


dp said...

it just seems like there have been so many horrible movies released recently. i haven't wanted to go to the movie theatre to see something in a really long time, and it seems like these remakes will also be marginal at best.

Chez Bez said...

I'm with you BB. When I see so many "safe and guaranteed money" movies coming out, I wonder what kind of movies are not being greenlighted. And I think of all of the great movies from the 70s that would not have been made had Hollywood been the same decision-making culture back then. Think about no Godfather and no Apocalypse Now and no Midnight Cowboy, just to name a few.

But yes I will be there for Pink Panther on opening night. Ain't Steve Martin great?