BB's Blog - One trip around the sun.


As of tomorrow, 6/25, I've been officially rambling online for one year.

Originally, I began blogging for two reasons:
  1. Because I was doing blog research for work and thought I should experience it to really understand it.
  2. And, in the process, I thought it would be a cool way to keep up with our family and friends who are hundreds of miles away in Nebraska, Iowa and South Dakota.
During BB's Blog's "trip around the sun," I've posted a mishmash of updates, ideas and random thoughts... basically because I thought the only people reading it were people I knew. Slowly, the audience has evolved, but I don't feel compelled to change the randomness of my posts or come up with some brilliant "focused topic" because of it.

It is what it is. While I'm very aware that I'm not the "best" blogger on the planet, I do enjoy it very much and hope to keep getting better at it.

After one year, I like this blog-thing and have no thoughts of stopping.
Hope that's okay with you.

Sooooooo... Thank YOU for visiting BB's Blog.
Stop by and comment often.


Linda said...

Woohoo - sounds like another excuse, I mean, reason to make a run to Sonic for a slush!

Happy Blogiversary!

BBLogan said...

Here, here... sistah. I'm down with that FOR SURE.


Tim Morgan said...

What else would one expect from a blogebrity?

C-list, 209th down.

Alison said...

Happy one year anniversary! hee hee :) I love the blog - it's great!

BBLogan said...

Thanks Alison!

Thanks, Tim!
I had no idea I was a C-list blogebrity!
And, 209th at that.
Not too shabby for my first time.
Maybe next year I can make the B-list!?

Tim Morgan said...

Dont' get upset about being the 209th C-lister. It's an alphabetical list. They filed you under L.

Quite an exclusive list.

Chez Bez said...

One year? And you don't look a day over 6 months. I love your blog and it's certainly on my A-list of blogs.

BBLogan said...

Back atcha.

dp said...

i had no idea you were such a blogebrity! congrats! =)