Where have I been?!

As you all know, returning from a trip creates extra work before you leave and when you return. So, as I dig out I thought I'd take time to post a pictorial of my Memorial Day travels.

Short story: I was soooooo great seeing everyone. Family. Friends. The farm and Sioux Falls. Wish I could bring everyone back with me to Nashville.

Had great flights to Omaha. The sky looked so cool that I couldn't resist taking a pic through the plane window... somewhere over Iowa.

Mom and Dad picked me up in Omaha and brought me to my Nebraska home more than three hours away. Man, I sure do love this place.

Soon after 911, my Dad made a flag pole to display the American Flag proudly just in front of the farm house. I couldn't resist taking a nightime shot of it. It's really moving to look at in the silence of a country night... nothin' but the sound of crickets and coyotes to disturb your thoughts.

Spent Thursday night and Friday morning hanging out with the Petersen's: Tony, Brenda, Cassy, AJ, Katie, Jim, Sara, Madisen, Mom and Dad. This is Cass with Jim's little one (8 months old). Can you believe those blue eyes?!

Friday I took off for Sioux Falls in my Mom's convertible Mustang. Rode all the way (two hours) with the top down. It was great.

On the way there, I snapped a pic of one of KELOLAND-TV's live Doppler radars. I have a soft spot in my heart for that station and the community. Good people all around.

Saturday, I sang at my friend Shannan's wedding. She looked stunning and her new husband, Brent, is incredible. I have no doubt that they are going to have a great life together.

Sunday, Denice and I went to church and then had lunch at the Falls. All yummy.

Afterwards, we went back to her place and vegged out on her balcony. Sure is good to see and spend time with my bestest girlfriend. (Love you, Denice.)

Memorial Day was spent with all of the Petersen's. It is so cool to get some hang time with Tony's kids, Katie (7), Cassy (17) and AJ (13). It's hard to believe that they are already so grown up.

Jim was there all day, too. Sara and Madisen came later in the day after spending the weekend in Omaha with Sara's family. Maddie is such a happy baby!

By the time the weekend was over, I'd taken 264 photos. And, I'm sure you're relieved to hear that I don't plan to post all of them!

It was just so good to see everyone... and now I can look at their photos whenever I need a South Dakota or Nebraska fix.

And, after spending quality time at my Nebraska home with my family / friends, it felt good to head back to Nashville. As the plane approached to land, I was able to snap a photo of my Tennessee home from the air. What a great way to end a spectacular trip.


72hrchik said...

You have a beautiful family!

BBLogan said...

Thanks! Love them LOTS, too.