Time flies...

Wow. This weekend went way too fast and I had WAY too much fun.

Friday night, JTC was gigless (whohoo for BB) so we went to Carrabbas in Green Hills for supper. John had the Margherita Pizza and I had the Pollo Rosa Maria. MmmMmmGood.

Afterwards, we traveled down to Leiper's Fork to see Jonell and Clay McClinton (Yes... he's Delbert's son) at Puckett's. Jonell even got me up to sing background on a song. Very cool. The Puckett's setting actually stops time for a while... very intimate and unpretentious. I'd definitely recommend it. It is worth the drive.

Saturday, I picked up our home computer from Media Tech, but didn't even have time to get it plugged back in and reloaded. (I'm still determined to put the "TV pic" on Friday's post.)

Saturday afternoon, John was leaving for a BMT gig at Brackin's in Maryville... and he asked me to tag along. He leaves on Friday for another ten days, so we thought it would be fun to road trip and spend time together.

And, it was.
*big smile*

The gig went GREAT. Micol's two brothers and a few friends showed up at the gig. We had sooooo much fun dancin' and being silly. And, BMT even let me sit in and sing "Chain of Fools." What a riot!

After the gig (4:30 a.m. ET), we stayed overnight in Knoxville at Ricky's parents. Good people. John and I really feel like we've become part of Ricky and Micol's family.

Sunday we woke up at around 9 a.m., visited with the Davis' over coffee for a while and then took off for home around 11:30 or so.

As soon as we got home, JC (a long-time friend of ours who is relocating to Nashville and staying with us while he finds his own place) helped me finish this song I'd been working on since last weekend. I was stuck and JC was just the co-writer I needed. He's an incredible musician who thinks with his fingers. The song is really sad, but I feel pretty good about it. (We'll be performing it Thursday night, so if you can make it out, let me know what you think. I'm always looking for feedback to make the song better!)

Sunday night, rehearsal for Thursday's gig with the entire band. Ooooohhhheeee did it feel good. Can't wait!

After rehearsal (I should have went to bed...) JTC had to go to another rehearsal so JC and I went to Bourbon Street to see Ricky play with Shannon. JC ended up sitting in most of the night, too. Good stuff.

Man... am I tired.
Can't believe it is Monday already.


Alison said...

Wow girl! You did have a busy weekend! Let me know when you go to Puckett's again. I love Leipers Fork and would love to check out that place.

BBLogan said...