Pharyngitis sucks.

My throat hurts sooooo bad. It started feeling funny toward the end of my Memorial Weekend trip. But, after being around my kin for a few days, stubbornness against going to the doctor was accentuated and I decided to try to ignore it until it went away.

Not a good plan.

At around four this morning, I was awoken by the severe pain in my throat every time I tried to swallow. I even got up and spit in the sink to avoid swallowing a couple times... but that was futile.

So, it was inevitable. I couldn't go to work. It was time to bite the bullet and go to the doctor. 30 minutes after arriving for my appointment I knew it wasn't tonsillitis or strep (at least not yet...*fingers crossed*). I've got pharyngitis... sounds kinda scary, but it is really just an extremely infected throat and a low grade fever. I've already taken one round of a parade of prescribed drugs: antibiotics (BTW - they are freeking HUGE... horse pills I say! Not easy to swallow with a swelled up throat), decongestant and cough medicine.

Why do I wait on these things? It's stupid. It wasn't that big of a deal. I've got insurance. If I'd done this on Wednesday when I returned from the North feeling crappy, I wouldn't have missed work and I'd be able to keep my commitments this weekend. Because I put it off, I missed 1/2 day of work on Wednesday and an entire day today, I had to back out of a gig with my friend Jonn tonight, I couldn't go to the BMT gig tonight, I won't be going to the BMT gig tomorrow, I've had to back out of the neighborhood yard sale tomorrow, we'll have to take a raincheck on meeting friends for supper tomorrow night and I won't be able to be the worship assistant at church on Sunday. Instead, I am frantically trying to find a sub at the last minute.

What was I thinking?!

Remind me of this fiasco next time I protest about going to the doctor! PLEASE! Can I BE anymore ridiculous?

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