6 degrees of World Famous

Thanks to Karleen for bringing my attention to a little blurb in the Bluebird Newsletter and website listing for tonight's late show:

"9:00 In The Round with Stewart Harris, Dave Gibson, Rachel Williams and Jamie Lee Thornton, $8.00 Gibson wrote Lonely and Gone, while Harris brought us Rose in Paradise and No One Else on Earth. They bring with them newcomers and media darlings Rachel Williams and Jamie Lee Thornton. Williams has a new single called 'World Famous' and she might end up just that."

  1. My friend Karleen and I wrote the song "World Famous" in November of 2005. "I'm world famous in my hometown" was Karleen's hook idea and it really resonated with this small town girl. We had a blast writing it... it's the song I'm most proud of being a part of so far.

  2. Rachel heard us sing it at 3rd & Lindsley last spring.

  3. Rachel cut the song last fall and released it as her single.

  4. And now, our friend Rachel who is on the verge of big things is singing our song in-the-round at the Bluebird Cafe tonight. GO RACHEL! RACHEL ROCKS!

  5. Because of that, the Bluebird Cafe. ("world famous" performing songwriter venue) is talking about our song and our friend in their newsletter.

  6. The name of the cafe in my hometown when I was a kid was the Bluebird Cafe. (I'd never heard of the world famous Nashville Bluebird Cafe until I moved here.)
I don't think so.

I'm savin' the newsletter... that's all I have to say about that.

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lcreekmo said...

SHUT UP!!! I didn't know someone cut your song. Should I start calling to request it now?? [Let me know when you have time to teach me Music Industry 101; I know nothing!]

Yay for World Famous!!