Test Tube Aliens

Connie just turned me on to these. (links to Flash site that may take a little time to load)

According to the "What are they?" section of the site, these aliens are looking for a new planet to colonize because their planet is becoming uninhabitable. It's up to the person who buys them to "take care" of them til they can find a new planet.

Not sure how it works, but apparently the aliens are also interactive... meaning you register them on the website and then use the "Research Lab" section of the site to keep track of their health. Freaky, but cool, isn't it?!

Connie's getting one for as a birthday gift for one of her son's friends. AND, she and I decided we need one for the office, too.

There are three good aliens and three evil aliens. Colin's friend is going to get a good alien... and I think we're getting an evil alien (they were the only two left at Target).

Hopefully the evil alien likes carrots and the like.
**fingers crossed**
**heh heh**

I'll post "Alien Updates" once we get it.

This is going to be FUN.


sabrina said...

I'm Connie's friend Sabrina. I'm the lucky one who was at Target and picked these up. Please post an update, I'm curious as to how it works.

Connie said...

We took lots of pictures yesterday when we "hatched" the alien, so look for an update soon! He's staring at me right now, looking very evil.