Shako: The first 24 hours

Yesterday... Shako, the most vicious evil alien from the planet Narakuto, was born at cabedge over lunch.

His space ship was different than I expected... and from the back we decided his little caccoon or pod or whatever looked like a giant... well... white cottony thing with a string on it... if you know what I mean. (Thanks for pointing that out Connie... heh.)

Retracting him from the ship was a feat in itself... but once he was free from his plastic vessel we were able to take a look at all the accoutremonts needed to keep this evil little thing alive.

Connie read the destructions... um... instructions... while I removed the "white stablizer bar" from the test tube that kept our Shako from getting smashed intransit.

Then... it was sink time.

To free our teeny vicious alien from the pod inside the test tube, we had to fill the tube with water. Once the water started running over it, the pod began fizzing everywhere. As it fizzed, we drained it and filled it again... probably three times... until the white covering melted away to reveal our white-toothed-blue devil with a red beating heart.

Next step was feeding the alien and making sure all but his antennae were covered with water so he wouldn't die. We found out quickly that if the light started flashing green... it meant the litte smurf was drowning.


After we poured off enough water to get the heart beating again... we only had a few moments to help Shako checkin with the mother ship.

Connie was on the case. Her nimble fingers quickly logged into the test tube alien site and registered our visitor from the planet Naratuko with just minutes to spare.

This morning when I arrived, Shako had grown a little bit and his heart was beating yellow. A little light and water solved that problem pretty fast. In short order the yellow was replaced with a bright red thump thump flash.

So far so good.

Shako's still alive... and he hasn't licked me with his poisonous, infectious saliva... yet.

Wish us luck.

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