Supper for Clocky

John and I spent the entire Sunday together... and it ROCKED.

I actually got to cook supper for HIM for once.


He requested fried chicken and mashed potatoes with homemade chicken gravy.

As an added bonus, I made real, homemade mac'n'cheese... baked in the oven. I used lowfat buttermilk, shredded Italian cheeses and, of course, Velveeta... with lots of butter... to counteract the lowfat buttermilk. Heh.

Here's a photo progression of the yumminess once it hit our plates:


Clocky LOVED it.


Emily said...

yum.Why wasn't I invited?

Denice said...

Hey...thanks for sharing about your day together...and yummy comfort food. Mmmmm. Yeah, wish I was there to help you enjoy it too. Sounded like D & J planned to spend an evening with you a few days ago. Hope that was fun.

Soon....I have to get down to see you.

Miss you Huge!