Shako: Survives the weekend

(LEFT: Today; CENTER: Friday; RIGHT: Wednesday)

Our teeny alien isn't so teeny anymore. There must be some intense alien love going on at the Lamb residence... cause Shako is more than twice the size he was last week. And, he's not even a week old!

Colin and Connie, nice work keeping our little blue devil alive.


lcreekmo said...

So, do you say "shack-o" or "shake-o"?? This is the best office toy I've seen in a long time....plus I think 7yos would love it. [Because if my daughter were reading over my shoulder, she'd be begging for one now!]

BBLogan said...

we've been saying "shack-o". And, it is pretty cool. But the shine is wearing off the coin pretty quick. Heh... the interactive interface between the alien and the computer is kind of half-baked. But it is still fun.