The Donald wants a new do

What will happen in the "Battle of the Billionaires"?

Oh my!

Not that I really care (sorry John) but I just find the whole thing pretty transparent and the spectacle of it all kinda cracks me up.

I predict that Donald Trump is going to "lose" on Sunday night.


Because... he wants to change his hair... but he doesn't want it to look like he's caved to all the criticism of his comb-over.

So, if he loses a "bet"... well... then he has to do it, right?


Everyone knows the WWE is a glorified male soap-opera (sorry John).

It's all planned out. (yes... it is. stop denying it.)

The Donald's buddy, Vince McMahon, is going to help him out. (oh no he didn't... oh yeah he did.)

Can't you see the two of them sitting around with their stogies and scotch in The Donald's gold plated den at his Manhattan apartment, workin' out the plot?!

VINCE: "Heh... okay... we'll call this press conference about the big "match". (Vince uses 'rock quotes' when he says the word "match".) I'll go to shake your hand... but at the last second you'll yank your hand away and I'll pull your tie."

**loud hearty laughter**

They each lean back in their gold-studded, leather wing-back chairs and take a big drag.

THE DONALD: "Yeah... yeah... wait... and how 'bout this?! After you pull my tie, I'll act all pissed off and bitch slap you really hard."

**knee slapping and raucous laughter**

VINCE: "Now... that's some funny sh*t right there."

THE DONALD: "Those smucks... no one will ever suspect that I just want a new hair cut."

VINCE: "Yeah... and they'll pay you and I for that hair cut... a few million times over."

THE DONALD: **heh**

VINCE: **heh**


I'm just sayin... that's how I see it.

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johnnytheclock said...

No WAY!!!.It's all REAL REAL REAL I tell ya!.......;)