Call me crazy...

but I miss snow like this or this.

Don't really miss scooping it, or doing chores in it... but I do miss it overall.

My family in Nebraska is probably trying to take care of new baby calves in the snow. Something about blizzards always seems to increase the number of cows giving birth! Thank goodness for four-wheelers, versitile tractors and heated water tanks... right? (Try to get some rest and be sure to change out of those cold, wet clothes in-between checking the cows.)

Hopefully, all of the Richardson's are safe at home and not trying to drive on the Iowa ice and snow. If it's not too icy, maybe Grace and Brooke will even get to make a snowman! (If not, Uncle John and I would love a drawing of one... or a photo of you building your version of Frosty.)

Denice is probably layered up with cuddle duds, long johns, sweaters and jeans... coffee cup in one hand while wrapped up in a blanket... or maybe walking around with "the coat" on. (Wish I could take you up on that snow angel offer, sistah.)

No matter what.... BB sends safe, warm, snow wishes to friends and family who are dealing with all the white stuff. I miss you... and I miss the snow, too.

And, the offer still stands... if you want to get away from the snow...**hint**
the sun is shining in Nashville and the temperature is currently 61 degrees.


Linda said...

I miss snow too. I think for me, it's the reward for dealing with cold miserable weather. There's nothing quite like the quiet beauty of a snow-covered world.

Oh and as for "Something about blizzards always seems to increase...", "something" is the change in atmospheric pressure.

EDub said...

Deffinitely not the chores, but the smiles and overall sense of happiness on the faces of everyone you meet after a good snow. I think everyone either has nostalgia of snowball fights and snowman building as a child, or is a child and building those memories themselves.

Everything is covered in a blanket of white and even the most run down shack has a beauty to it.

There's also something to be said for coming in from the cold, nose runny and cheeks red and numb, piling up layer upon layer of coats, boots, and gloves at the door, and making a hot cup of cocoa. From milk of course, instant mix and water didn't cut it on a heavy snow day.

Connie said...

I miss it too! (but kinda like the 61ยบ weather here!) Great imagery, edub!

Denice said...

Ha! You know me SO well. Yes...layers of cuddle duds, warm socks, turtleneck sweaters, another sweater, down vests, "the purple parka coat", and hand crocheted scarf and mittens. Don't it sound toasty warm. Mmmmm.

I had to shovel off the deck, after I scooped out of waist high snow in order to get to the snow shovel. That was funny!

Will be going to Britt's again this weekend, and help with the baby calves. You're right...lots of births around the blizzard!

Doesn't a good cup of hot choc-o-late with marshmellows sound yummy right now : )

Miss ya my sister. SO glad we're friends. Love ya lots!!

~ Neece